Pivot Hinge | Adjustable Spring Loaded | 40kg To 60kg | Matte Black


Our Adjustable Black Pivot Hinge is an easy all in one solution for concealing doors. Closing speed is consistent throughout the swing but speed can be adjusted.

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Select the zero clearance pivot (below) if you have full height doors
black pivot hingeblack pivot hinge
Pivot Hinge | Adjustable Spring Loaded | 40kg To 60kg | Matte Black $120.00
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black pivot hingeblack pivot hinge
Pivot Hinge | Adjustable Spring Loaded | 40kg To 60kg | Matte Black

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The Adjustable Black Pivot Hinge suits internal doors where you want a clean modern look. Pivot hinges allow the frames of doors to hide which allows for different door setups. Hidden bathrooms, bedrooms and study rooms all benefit from these strong, durable but easily installed pivots.

Key Features Are:
  • Ideal for flush finishing doors where you do not want to see a door handle. This allows for concealed door setups like hidden ensuites.
  • The pivot hinge mechanism is cut into the bottom corner of the door and makes installation and adjustment easier than floor box mechanisms.
  • Fixes onto almost any flooring. The bottom plate mounts directly to the floor without cutting big bases or boxes.
  • Adjustable header to get the door either plumb or make sure it looks in line with vertical reveals.
  • Cost effective solution. Our pivot hinge sets are affordable and effective for all budgets.


How to calculate clearance required for doors from the door jamb to the edge of the door

Door Thickness
Calculated Clearance
Recommended Clearance
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is a Pivot Hinge used for? – Pivot hinges are commonly used for concealed doors. The Pivot Hinge allows the installed to place the door anywhere within the door jamb, which means they can have it flush with the outside wall making the door seem almost invisible. No door handle is required as the door will close on its own making it a safe from crushing fingers if trying to pull the door closed without the use of a handle.
  2. How is a pivot different from a hinge joint door? The main difference is that a pivot is installed into the top and bottom of the door whereas a standard hinge gets installed into the door frame and the side of the door.
  3. What are the two main types of pivot hinges? The 2 main types of pivot hinges are sprint loaded and hydraulic. The spring loaded pivots are less strong in the ability to close the door. They also close at a single speed which can be regulated. The hydraulic pivot hinges are much stronger and allow for heavier doors. They also have 2 closing speeds and act exactly like a standard hydraulic door closer.
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  5. TLAH_pivot


  • Minimum 35mm thick doors.
  • Maximum 1500mm wide doors.
  • 40kg to 60kg doors includes solid doors and semi solid clad doors (please verify weight.)
  • Adjustable spring tension.
  • Hold open at 90° or more.
  • Swing through 180°.
  • Use our magnetic catch to assist closing at .


This document is provided as a dimensional reference and should not be printed as a drilling template unless it can be correctly scaled to 100% by your printer

Click here to download the door clearance diagram

Click here to download the door thickness and clearance diagram