Pivot Hinge | Heavy Duty


Lockwood Heavy duty Door Pivot Set.

Includes both top and bottom pivots.

Top Pivot is retractable

Suitable for Timber Doors up to 200kg

Available on back-order

x: Special order - NO RETURNS

The Lockwood heavy duty pivot is designed to hold large and wide front doors. As front doors have become more of a feature and a first point in any new design, they have also become bigger and heavier. This is where hinges are no longer effective and need to be replaced with a pivot. This pivot takes the weight and width and makes sure your door stays operational.

Key Features Are:
  • Easy to install for carpenters and builders
  • Comes as a complete kit with everything you need including the top and bottoms pivots. Screws are also included.
  • Takes up to 200kg on a door. This is common for custom doors that are very wide or thick such as cladded or battened doors.