Privacy Adaptor | Square | Gunmetal

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An easy to install square gunmetal privacy adaptor for our designer range handles. Suit any door that needs to lock such as bedrooms, bathrooms and ensuites.

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square privacy adaptor gunmetalsquare privacy adaptor gunmetal
Privacy Adaptor | Square | Gunmetal
$12.00 Original price was: $12.00.$6.00Current price is: $6.00.

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Our gunmetal privacy adaptors suit all our square based gunmetal handles. It allows a privacy setup to be used on any internal door that need to lock such commonly powder rooms and bathrooms. They also suit bedroom and ensuites if needed, common if you want to have lock on master bedroom to stop small children from entering.

Key Features Are:
  • Easy to install. No need for any additional holes.
  • Requires a 50mm or 22mm diameter hole.
  • Can be added or removed at any time.
  • Turn snib on inside of door.
  • Discreet Emergency release from outside of door.

Templates & Instructions

This document is provided as a dimensional reference and should not be printed as a drilling template unless it can be correctly scaled to 100% by your printer

Click here to download the handle installation instructions

Click here to download templates for the cutouts required

Click here to download the privacy adaptor installation instructions


mm to inches

Millimeters to Inches table

1mm     3⁄64inches21mm   53⁄64inches41mm   1 39⁄64inches
2mm     5⁄64inches22mm   55⁄64inches42mm   1 21⁄32inches
3mm     1⁄8inches23mm   29⁄32inches43mm   1 11⁄16inches
4mm     5⁄32inches24mm   15⁄16inches44mm   1 47⁄64inches
5mm     13⁄64inches25mm   63⁄64inches45mm   1 49⁄64inches
6mm     15⁄64inches26mm   1 1⁄32inches46mm   1 13⁄16inches
7mm     9⁄32inches27mm   1 1⁄16inches47mm   1 27⁄32inches
8mm     5⁄16inches28mm   1 7⁄64inches48mm   1 57⁄64inches
9mm     23⁄64inches29mm   1 9⁄64inches49mm   1 59⁄64inches
10mm   25⁄64inches30mm   1 3⁄16inches50mm   1 31⁄32inches
11mm   7⁄16inches31mm   1 7⁄32inches51mm   2 1⁄64inches
12mm   15⁄32inches32mm   1 17⁄64inches52mm   2 3⁄64inches
13mm   33⁄64inches33mm   1 19⁄64inches53mm   2 3⁄32inches
14mm   35⁄64inches34mm   1 11⁄32inches54mm   2 1⁄8inches
15mm   19⁄32inches35mm   1 3⁄8inches55mm   2 11⁄64inches
16mm   5⁄8inches36mm   1 27⁄64inches56mm   2 13⁄64inches
17mm   43⁄64inches37mm   1 29⁄64inches57mm   2 1⁄4inches
18mm   45⁄64inches38mm   1 1⁄2inches58mm   2 9⁄32inches
19mm   3⁄4inches39mm   1 17⁄32inches59mm   2 21⁄64inches
20mm   25⁄32inches40mm   1 37⁄64inches60mm   2 23⁄64inches

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