Pull Handle Entrance Set – 550mm – Matte Black

From AUD $125

Entry pull handle set in matte black finish. Complete with everything needed for the modern door and pivot doors.

Ideal for when you want the handle to sit above the lock.

Standard Entrance set selected for typical timber door with timber jambs Select or deselect items as required

In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)


In stock (can be backordered)

Dead Latch (DL Latch)
Dead Latch (DL Latch)

In stock (can be backordered)

-If you want an electric strike, you will need to choose the DL latch -For a lock you can choose either Paradigm in square, Paradigm in round or digital lock -We recommend using 2 magnetic catches to keep door closed when not locked


Pull Handle Entrance Set – 550mm – Matte Black

This Pull Handle lockset is a complete set for modern entry doors. Popular on pivots doors and contemporary timber glass and steel doors. This set is everything you need to use a front door.

The set include a back to back set of pull handles for pushing and pulling the door, 2 pairs of strong rear earth magnets and a Lockwood 005 Paradigm lock which allows the user to:

  1. either leave the door completely unlocked. The door stays closed with the magnets
  2. lock the door from the outside by turning the internal snib on the inside.
  3. deadlock the door which denies entry or exit unless you have a key

We use magnets in stead of ball catches on the advise of many regular builders. They are easier to use, more attractive and can be adjusted to make them as strong or weak as required.

Pull handle size:

  • Height = 550mm
  • Width = 30mm
  • Depth = 15mm
  • Projection = 50mm


  1.  Most common – pre-selected for you. This suits timber doors with timber frames. It includes a pair of pull handles, 2 magnetic catches to keep the door closed when it’s not locked and a square Paradigm lock for security and convenience.
  2. Thick Door – You will need to select one of the Paradigm Locks with the extension kit
  3. Digital Lock – Bluetooth, smart phone, key pad, finger print, swipe card and physical key methods to unlock door. Battery operated so no electrician required for installation
  4. Roller Catch – For traditional method of keeping door closed when unlocked. This can be chosen instead of magnets. Or you can combine both magnets and roller catch
  5. DL Latch – If you want to be able to lock the door by just closing the door behind you. Warning – you can lock yourself out if you don’t have keys with you.
  6. Electric strike – If you want to connect the locking function to a home automation or security system. You will need to select the DL Latch as well.
  7. Thick Doors – Anything over 48mm thick and you will need the 05 Extension kit for the Paradigm Lock. You cannot select the digital lock as it cannot extend for thicker doors.
  8. Magnetic snib latch – Select this as well as a lock but instead of magnetic catches or roller catch. This allows the door latch when closed. Open by turning the thumb turn. Just like having door handles on the door without a long lever. It uses a magnetic latch so it can be used with pivot doors without requiring a long lip striker plate.
  9. Key Alike – If you want more than 1 lock, you can have them all keyed alike. Choose the quantity to match the quantity of locks. eg 3 locks = 3 keye alike – so all 3 locks will use the same key.