Pull Handle Entrance Set | An Easy Step By Step Guide

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Step through your choice of components below to build up your pull handle with what you need. You can review your selections on the last step before adding them to your cart.

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Our step by step guide will help you select what you would like with your pull handle entrance set. If you have a brand new front door with a nice cladding or wooden panelling, a pull handle is a great starting point.

Key features include:
  • High quality material and construction. 304 stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and therefore can be used in both external and internal applications.
  • Stainless steel and aluminium are also highly resistant to corrosion as well as rain and weather.
  • We apply a high quality powder coated finish to the pull handle. This is both highly durable and suits our other items in the matte black range.
  • The bolt and fixings are both strong and concealed. No more unsightly screws or ugly covers to see on a door.

The pull handle pairs with other accessories and attachments for any kind of door system. All of the commonly bought items with pull handles are available on the right hand side.

Common accessories are:
  • The magnetic catches or roller catches are used in place of a latch; they keep the door shut in a closed position without relying on a conventional latch. Timber frames favour the magnetic catches or roller catches. Ezyjamb/aluminium frames can support roller catches or our new magnetic door catches. Our new catches provide a strong middle ground between a strong roller catch and magnetic functionality. This also draws the eye to the pull handle without losing the latching function.
  • The paradigms are strong versatile mechanical locks and suit many external door applications. Bluetooth locks are versatile and also provide a keyless option entry for those looking for a more user friendly system. Electric strikes complement the paradigms and can allow additional functionality with other home security setups.
  • Front doors favour our strong ball bearing hinges. The hinges ensure the door has a smooth operation and heavier and larger custom doors will favour its strong design.
  • The dead latch (DL Latch) has a twofold effect. Firstly it allows the door to be locked and then shut behind you. This useful for people that are used to having a self locking lock. Secondly, electric strikes are compatible with the dead latches. Pull handles add aesthetic effect similar to the large handles for apartment entrances.

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