Pull Handle Set | 300mm | Matte Black


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This 300mm Black Pull Handle Set comes as a pair. This is a great modern elegant door pull for those who don’t want a large handle. Ideal for internal door, offices and wherever the user need a pull handle.
These handles can be paired with different accessories and locks for a wide variety of applications.

Features include:

  • Pull handles come with an inside and outside part. Concealed fixings when installed
  • Disability Discrimination Act compliant to Australian Standard AS 1428.1—2009
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Matte black finish
  • Easy to install

Pull handle size:

  • Height = 300mm
  • Width = 30mm
  • Depth = 15mm
  • Projection = 50m
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Please note that holes should not be cut out based on these diagrams alone. Check dimensions against actual product as there may be variations due to manufacturing methods.

300 long pull handle line diagram
300 long pull handle line diagram