RP124 Perimeter | Black | 3000mm


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RP124 Perimeter | Black | 3000mm

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The RP124 is the Delta Seal Plus™, a rigid and flexible co-polymer acoustic smoke seal with multiple fins and quick and easy self adhesive installation. The RP124 is located in the protected corners of rebated timber or steel frame doors and is suitable for new and retrofit applications.

Can be used in conjunction with Raven door bottom seals and astragals and threshold plates.

Location: Around rebated frames of single and double butt hinged doors.

Min/Max Gap: 3mm to 5.5mm.

Fixing: Aggressive self adhesive backing tape on both sides of the carrier.
Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured. Self adhesive seals will not adhere to oiled or alkyd finishes or to easy clean wash and wear paint surfaces.

Seal: Black co-extruded rigid and flexible flame retardant PVC.

Sizes: 3000mm.