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Nylon brush strip seals with aluminium carriers that are ideal where larger gaps are encountered. They can be fitted to lintels of roll-up doors to help prevent the ingress of birds and wind blown embers in bushfire prone areas.

Note: Roll-up doors must have a fairly consistent gap when the door operates to avoid excessive flexing of the seal.

Location: Bottom of single, double, revolving or sliding doors and double acting pivot doors. Lintels of roll-up garage doors. Suitable for hard, flat surfaces.

Min/Max Gap: 30mm to 50mm (user determined).

Finish: Satin clear (silver) anodised aluminium (15µm).

Fixing: Self adhesive or can be screw fixed. Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and if painted, well cured. Self adhesive seals will not adhere to oiled or alkyd finishes or to easy clean wash and wear paint surfaces.

Seal: Black fine, dense, UV stabilised nylon filaments.

Sizes: Available in stock lengths.

Raven – EAN= 9310459027642
Raven – EAN= 9310459027871