Sif Entrance Set | Matte Brushed Nickel


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Sif Entrance Set | Matte Brushed Nickel $54.00
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Looking for a smart and stylish way to protect your home? Look no further than the Sif Entrance Set. This lockable handle is similar to our popular Sif lever handles, and comes with a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. This makes it ideal for doors such as garage to house, laundry door or any other door you wish to be able to lock. Whether you’re keeping your children safe or protecting your valuables, the Sif Entrance Set is a smart choice.

Features include:

  • Left or right handed
  • 54mm bore hole required
  • 60 or 70mm backset
  • 3 x C4 Keys supplied
  • ‘D’ Striker provided
  • Door thickness 35 to 55mm