Smart Lock | Dead Bolt | Matte Black


Smart Lock Access doesn’t come much better than this. Gain access with your smart phone, fingerprint, swipe card, keypad or actual key. You can also give limited or full access to anyone and from anywhere. This new entrance lock is also dust and waterproof so it can be installed with confidence. Read more to see the enormous range of options.

Why are we cheaper than other retailers – simple – we buy directly from the manufacturer so in effect you are paying wholesale prices.

  • Warranty: 12 month warranty

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Select the G2 Wifi bridge if you want to access your smart lock from anywhere in the world

Unlocking Methods

  • Smart Phone
  • Fingerprint
  • Keypad
  • Swipe Card (3 included)
  • Key (2 included)
  • Wifi

Backup Systems

What if the lock stops working or the batteries go flat?
Not to worry. There are 2 ways of unlocking the door if this occurs:

  • There is a keyhole on the underside of the lock which allows you to operate the lock
  • Next to the keyhole is a USB connection that you can use to attach your smart phone to the lock where the lock will use the battery power from your phone
  • Audible warnings from the lock and your smart phone will occur when the batteries need changing

Simple and easy installation

  • This lock uses a standard bolt and striker found on most common entrance deadbolts.
  • Bore hole of 54mm diameter is required for main part of the mechanism with a 15mm diameter hole 68mm. Backset=60mm
  • The bolts is a standard one (faceplate 26mm x 57mm) set 3.3mm lower than the center of the main borehole

Key Features

Front Panel170x63x17.5mm
Back Panel164x73x30mm
Door TypeWooden, Aluminium or Steel
Power4xAA Batteries
Door Thickness35-50mm
Salt Spray Test200 Hours
Temperature-10 to 55 deg Celsius
Humidity0 to 95%
Low Wattage AlarmLess than 4.8V
Battery Life10,000 operations

Dust and Waterproof

This lock has been tested in line with standards EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000+A2:2013

Rated: IP55

Rubber gasket supplied with the lock need to be installed properly for it to achieve this level of protection.

Click here to read more about what IP55 can widthstand

Can Use Several Leading Apps

Lock uses 2 of the leading device applications which are available for both Android and Apple devices. Click on the links below to go to the appropriate website:

Compatible with other smart devices

Works with many smart devices and AI devices such as:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Watch
  • Android Wear
  • Google Home
  • Alibaba
  • Baidu
  • Hotel PMS
  • Zigbee

Feature of the TTLock App

Grant or Revoke Access with our Patented Online Cloud based eKeys. eKeys can be Time/Period Based, Permanent, One Time, Cyclic or Customised.
Grant Access via Intelligent Passcodes from Anywhere in the World in Realtime without the need of Internet/WiFi/GSM
Passcodes can be Time Based, Cyclic, One Time, Permanent or Customised
Review Access Logs in Chronological order
Receive UNLOCK Notifications instantly
Manage eKeys, Passcodes, Fingerprints, IC Cards all from within the APP
*Please note that the lock is a Bluetooth device. This means the app will only work if you are with 5 meters of the lock. Use a Wifi Bridge  device so that the App can work from anywhere in the world and connect through other smart device.

Included with the Lock





Front Panel



Back Panel









Mechanical Key



Waterproof Rubber Plate



User Manual



Strike&Strike Box






Screw Stubs:M4*30mm



Screw Stubs:M4*40mm



Mortise Screws:M4*25mm

(For Wooden Door)



Mortise Screws:M5*10mm

(For Aluminum Door)



M4*10mm Screws

For Fixing Back Panel



M4*30mm Screw



M4*50mm Screw





Open the cover plate of the front panel ,long press the “Reset” button on the back panel for 3s, press “000#”,and the initialization is complete

Left (LH) and Right (RH) handed issues

LH: Keep tailbar horizontal

RH: Keep tailbar horizontal

LH: Bolt should be retracted

RH: Bolt should be retracted

LH: This is what Left handed installations is

RH: This is what Right handed installations is

LH: Flick the this switch to L

RH: Flick the this switch to R

LH: The knob on the rear panel should look like for Left Hand

RH: The knob on the rear panel should look like for Right Hand

Smart Lock Installation

Install the bolt using template supplied

Install threaded posts and rubber gaskets

Install front panel. Keep spindle horizontal and bolt in.

Fix inside metal fixing plate with 3 screws provided. Fix rubber gasket to inside panel

Connect cable to inside panel

Fix inside panel to mounting plate with 3 screws provided

Install 4 x AA batteries

Fit off cover plate

Software Installation

The software (iOS version) can be downloaded from the app store, and the Android version can be downloaded from the application store of Google play, Yingyongbao, Baidu, Ali, 360, Huawei, and Xiaomi.


Once you have registered as the administrator for a lock, you will always be the owner of that lock unless you ‘Transfer The Lock’ or delete the lock from your app.