Square Hampton Handle | 128mm C To C

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The Square Hampton handle is a simple one size fits all cabinet handle for older designs. These handles are great for when you need to add a more traditional look to any old fashioned home. Unlike other traditional handles, these are softer around the edges and don’t cut into your hand. This makes them great not only for kitchen but for linen cupboards and wardrobes as well.

Please select from the colours and sizes below:

Antique Brass Gloss is a gold finish with a light shiny texture
Oxidised Tin Gloss is a worn out silver finish with a slight shine to it

HT114 - Antique Brass Gloss
Square Hampton Handle | 128mm C To C | Antique Brass Gloss

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HT114 - Oxidised Tin Gloss
Square Hampton Handle | 128mm C To C | Oxidised Tin Gloss

Available on back-order


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