Susie | Round | Matte Bronze


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Magnetic Latch | Matte Bronze
Privacy Adaptor | Round | Matte Bronze
Hinge | 100mm X 75mm | Matte Bronze
Please note that magnetic latches not suitable for existing jambs or steel frames such as Ezyjambs.
Door handles are sold in pairs
Dummy kits are sold as singles
Hinges are sold as singles

    One of our newer finishes that goes with a more contemporary and traditional design style, matte bronze is a coveted finish that is is becoming ever popular with designers that allows for a more refined traditional look.

    Durable matte bronze finish. Matte bronze is a brand new finish that is specified by many architects and designers.
    Screw on cover plate ensures stability over usage in addition to concealed fixing. No more unsightly screws to see.
    Will suit up to 50mm hole typically found on most popular pre-hung doors.
    Suits doors 35-45mm thick which are most Australian doors.
    Quick and easy installation. Bedrooms and bathrooms can also fit a privacy adaptor for a consistent look.
    Can be used externally for front doors, side doors etc.


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    Templates & Instructions

    This document is provided as a dimensional reference and should not be printed as a drilling template unless it can be correctly scaled to 100% by your printer

    Click here to download the handle installation instructions

    Click here to download templates for the cutouts required

    Click here to download the privacy adaptor installation instructions



    mm to inches

    Millimeters to Inches table

    1mm     3⁄64inches21mm   53⁄64inches41mm   1 39⁄64inches
    2mm     5⁄64inches22mm   55⁄64inches42mm   1 21⁄32inches
    3mm     1⁄8inches23mm   29⁄32inches43mm   1 11⁄16inches
    4mm     5⁄32inches24mm   15⁄16inches44mm   1 47⁄64inches
    5mm     13⁄64inches25mm   63⁄64inches45mm   1 49⁄64inches
    6mm     15⁄64inches26mm   1 1⁄32inches46mm   1 13⁄16inches
    7mm     9⁄32inches27mm   1 1⁄16inches47mm   1 27⁄32inches
    8mm     5⁄16inches28mm   1 7⁄64inches48mm   1 57⁄64inches
    9mm     23⁄64inches29mm   1 9⁄64inches49mm   1 59⁄64inches
    10mm   25⁄64inches30mm   1 3⁄16inches50mm   1 31⁄32inches
    11mm   7⁄16inches31mm   1 7⁄32inches51mm   2 1⁄64inches
    12mm   15⁄32inches32mm   1 17⁄64inches52mm   2 3⁄64inches
    13mm   33⁄64inches33mm   1 19⁄64inches53mm   2 3⁄32inches
    14mm   35⁄64inches34mm   1 11⁄32inches54mm   2 1⁄8inches
    15mm   19⁄32inches35mm   1 3⁄8inches55mm   2 11⁄64inches
    16mm   5⁄8inches36mm   1 27⁄64inches56mm   2 13⁄64inches
    17mm   43⁄64inches37mm   1 29⁄64inches57mm   2 1⁄4inches
    18mm   45⁄64inches38mm   1 1⁄2inches58mm   2 9⁄32inches
    19mm   3⁄4inches39mm   1 17⁄32inches59mm   2 21⁄64inches
    20mm   25⁄32inches40mm   1 37⁄64inches60mm   2 23⁄64inches