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Thor – Square – Gloss White


Does NOT include latch

  • Finish: White

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Thor – Square – Gloss White

The Thor-white is a sleek modern design that suits contemporary designs and is one of our more popular handles among Architects and Interior Designers. The gloss white finish is ideal for a minimalist modern look that is so popular at the moment.

Square rose lever handle designed with patent fixing for Australian conditions. Guaranteed square rose will not twist or move over time avoiding the need for readjusting and scratching of paint.

Suits doors 35-45mm thick, pre-latched doors with holes up to 50mm diameter.

Quick and easy installation.

Buy door handles online or visit our Melbourne showroom


  • Rose = 60x60mm
  • Projection = 60mm
  • Lever length = 150mm




Thor - Square - Gloss White

Millimeters to inches

Millimeters to Inches table

Thor - Square - Gloss White

1mm     3⁄64inches 21mm   53⁄64inches 41mm   1 39⁄64inches
2mm     5⁄64inches 22mm   55⁄64inches 42mm   1 21⁄32inches
3mm     1⁄8inches 23mm   29⁄32inches 43mm   1 11⁄16inches
4mm     5⁄32inches 24mm   15⁄16inches 44mm   1 47⁄64inches
5mm     13⁄64inches 25mm   63⁄64inches 45mm   1 49⁄64inches
6mm     15⁄64inches 26mm   1 1⁄32inches 46mm   1 13⁄16inches
7mm     9⁄32inches 27mm   1 1⁄16inches 47mm   1 27⁄32inches
8mm     5⁄16inches 28mm   1 7⁄64inches 48mm   1 57⁄64inches
9mm     23⁄64inches 29mm   1 9⁄64inches 49mm   1 59⁄64inches
10mm   25⁄64inches 30mm   1 3⁄16inches 50mm   1 31⁄32inches
11mm   7⁄16inches 31mm   1 7⁄32inches 51mm   2 1⁄64inches
12mm   15⁄32inches 32mm   1 17⁄64inches 52mm   2 3⁄64inches
13mm   33⁄64inches 33mm   1 19⁄64inches 53mm   2 3⁄32inches
14mm   35⁄64inches 34mm   1 11⁄32inches 54mm   2 1⁄8inches
15mm   19⁄32inches 35mm   1 3⁄8inches 55mm   2 11⁄64inches
16mm   5⁄8inches 36mm   1 27⁄64inches 56mm   2 13⁄64inches
17mm   43⁄64inches 37mm   1 29⁄64inches 57mm   2 1⁄4inches
18mm   45⁄64inches 38mm   1 1⁄2inches 58mm   2 9⁄32inches
19mm   3⁄4inches 39mm   1 17⁄32inches 59mm   2 21⁄64inches
20mm   25⁄32inches 40mm   1 37⁄64inches 60mm   2 23⁄64inches
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