TR025 Threshold Ramp | Black | 1010mm


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Raven Threshold Access Ramps are ideal for users of wheel chairs, walking frames, electric scooters and hand trolleys; anyone that regularly traverses tripping hazards at doorways or abrupt surface transitions around the home or in the work place.

Made from slip resistant recycled rubber, Raven Threshold Access Ramps will be welcomed by home owners, building occupiers, facility managers and OH&S personnel who recognise the need for a permanent and inexpensive retrofit solution to assist access and mobility in the home, at work or in the commercial environment. Until now, the problem involved a trade’s person, the use of messy cement, fabricated metal plate or plywood to make and install a threshold access ramp. The new DIY alternative is the Raven Threshold Access Ramp. Simply lay the ramp in place or permanently fix with builders adhesive. Raven Threshold Access Ramps are extremely durable, will last for years and require no maintenance.

Available in two convenient ramp heights: 25mm (model TR025) and 50mm (model TR050) – gradient 1:8 (front).

Raven – EAN= 9310459045875