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Round Entry Pull Handles

Round Entry Pull Handles: Timeless Elegance for Your Door


Step into a world of timeless elegance with round entry pull handles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the aesthetic appeal, benefits, and practical aspects of choosing and maintaining round handles for your doors.

Choosing Round Entry Pull Handles

Round entry pull handles bring a touch of sophistication to any door. Their circular shape not only adds visual interest but also provides ergonomic benefits. When choosing round handles, consider the benefits of circular shapes in various sizes.

Installation Tips for Round Handles

Ensuring a proper and visually appealing installation is crucial for round entry pull handles. Consider the ideal placement for maximum visual impact. There are no right or wrong size or placement, it’s up to your aesthetic preference. Whether it’s a front door or an interior one, the right installation enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. If you are not sure, try cutting out a round circle from cardboard and placing it on your door. Then stand back and have a look. Keep doing this until you find the right location for your new round pull handle.

Round Entry Pull Handles in Modern Design

Modern design trends embrace the timeless appeal of round handles. Explore the latest innovations and trends, from minimalist round designs to handles integrated with smart technology. Discover how round handles can seamlessly fit into various settings, adding a contemporary touch to your home or office.

Maintenance of Round Pull Handles

Preserving the elegance of round pull handles requires regular maintenance. clean with a damp cloth at least once a month to keep the finish pristine and prevent wear and tear. By addressing maintenance needs promptly, you can ensure that your round handles maintain their appeal for years to come.

Security Features of Round Handles

While round entry pull handles are admired for their aesthetic appeal, they also can contribute to your home’s security depending on what lock you choose to go with it. Explore the balance between aesthetics and security, and discover anti-theft designs that enhance the safety of your entrance.

Strength of Round Handles

Our pull handles have 3 strong round legs which give them stability. When you consider ones that only have 2 legs, these handles are susceptible to rocking side to side. Our handles also come with M8 bolts for fixing through the door, so there is no way they will come off. This also allows our handles to be installed in glass doors where round pull handles with a large base cannot as they tend to crack the glass.

Customization Options for Round Handles

Personalize your space with unique round handle designs. We offer customization options by means of selling round pull handles in natural anodised finish or plain stainless steel. You can take these to powder coaters or electroplaters to get the finish you want allowing you to create handles that align with your personal style. Explore the possibilities of choosing colours that suit your needs.

Eco-Friendly Round Entry Pull Handles

For environmentally conscious homeowners, round handles are eco-friendly when you consider that they are a long term proposal. They are crafted from durable materials are an ideal choice. They are not a throw away high consumption item and will last as long as your house does.

Comparing Round Entry Pull Handles Types

Understand the distinctions between traditional and modern round handle designs. Consider the specific needs of residential and commercial applications to make an informed choice for your space. You can also choose from a variety of off the shelf finishes and materials including: Matte Black, Satin White, Stainless Steel, Oak and Dark Oak.

Round Entry Pull Handles FAQs

What makes round entry pull handles unique? Round handles stand out due to their timeless and elegant design, adding a touch of sophistication to any door.

Are round handles suitable for all door types? Yes, round entry pull handles are versatile and suitable for various door types, including front doors and interior doors. They are also suitable for timber or glass doors.

Can round pull handles be easily replaced? Yes, replacing round pull handles is a straightforward process, making it convenient for homeowners to update their door aesthetics. However you need to consider that they will require 3 holes through your door, so you will need to replace with the same size handle or will need to bog any holes remaining.

Are there child-safe options for round handles? Certain designs incorporate child-safe features, such as smooth edges and easy-to-grip handles, ensuring safety for families with children.

Do round handles require special maintenance? Regular cleaning and preventive measures can keep round handles in excellent condition, requiring no special maintenance beyond standard care.


Elevate the entrance of your home with the timeless elegance of round entry pull handles. From installation tips to security features, this guide has covered all aspects of choosing, maintaining, and enjoying the benefits of circular handles.

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