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Unique Door Handles from The Lock & Handle

How We Design & Develop Unique Door Handles

Unique Door Handles – The Lock and Handle

Great design is at the centre of everything we do at The Lock and Handle. And unique door handles and hardware are a passion for us.

With our recent purchase of a 3D printer, we have been able to successfully build prototypes of new door handles, locks, and door general door hardware. These are then sent to be manufactured.

Using a 3D printer allows us to see the object in real terms. Methods of fitting and manufacturing of items such as handles and locks means that there are no surprises when it comes to the manufacturing process.

To date, we have successfully designed and manufactured our privacy adaptors, 3 new lever handles, new pull handles. We are working on several new projects to be revealed as they are ready for market.

A home building project or renovation is an investment and expression of your style. So why stop at door hardware? Let us provide that finishing touch to your home, with unique door handles from the Lock and Handle.

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