Latch | 60mm Backset | Gunmetal


A standard 60mm backset gunmetal latch. Suit our matte black door handles for a consistent finish throughout any design. Durable and affordable.

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Gunmetal LatchGunmetal Latch
Latch | 60mm Backset | Gunmetal $10.50
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Gunmetal LatchGunmetal Latch
Latch | 60mm Backset | Gunmetal

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Our gunmetal latch is both strong and affordable. Our latches are suitable with all of our door handles. They keep the door shut so that wind or air currents don’t blow the door open. The suit our handles as well as many other brands.

Key Features Are:
  • 60mm backset. A standard fitting for most door hardware on the market.
  • Strong brass hub and stainless housing. This prevents damage and breaking significantly to ensure a long lasting operation.
  • Suitable for external doors use as well such as front doors and gates.
TLAH latch-mb