Lockwood Selector 3782 Short Backset Universal Mortice Lock – 23mm Backset – Stainless Steel


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    A comprehensive range of cylinder mortice locks for narrow stile hinged doors. Suitable for heavy duty use in industrial and commercial buildings, institutions, clubs, schools, hospitals, hotels and similar buildings.

    These locks have various latching functions operated generally by key or handle outside and turnknob, key or handle inside. These locks comply with building regulations for single-action escape doors.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy red/green function setting
    • All lock settings are made from under the faceplate allowing for simple in-door configuration
    • Standard primary locks include anti-lockout and holdback capabilities
    • Improved cylinder functions including lock/unlock and retract latch as standard
    • Reduced range of cylinder cams and turn adaptors relative to other commonly available commercial cylinder mortice locks

    Case and Faceplates

    • High purity zinc alloy material cases with stainless steel chassis plates. Stainless steel faceplates provided as standard
    • Brass faceplates available for alternative finishes


    • 23mm standard backset
    • Extended backsets 25.4mm, 30mm and 38mm are available

    Latch Bolts

    • Latch bolts are made with stainless steel, 15mm in size
    • Deadlatching is achieved by an auxiliary stainless steel latch bolt
    • Reversible for both left and right hand doors, opening in or opening out whilst lock is in door
    • Electric Strike compatibility
    • Separate auxiliary bolt moves into lock case simultaneously with latch bolt
    • Radius bolt provides greater deadlatch throw and smoother closing action

    Cylinder Retaining Pin

    • Hard-drawn spring steel wire, corrosion protected.

    Door Thickness

    • Metal doors: 35 to 50mm
    • Suits hollow-style aluminium door sections with 38mm minimum internal depth
    • Timber doors: 32 to 50mm
    • Specify Selector® 3782-TFKIT for timber door fixing kit to convert an aluminium fix lock to timber door fixing. The timber door fixing kit includes a long faceplate, strike and screws to suit a timber door and jamb

    Door Clearance

    • To ensure correct functioning of the deadlatching mechanism and security for all locks, the clearance between the door and the frame should be 3mm. The deadlatching will operate up to 8mm door clearance, however door clearances over 5mm are not recommended.


    • All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level S7 (Physical Security) Australian Lock Standard (AS-4145.2-2008). Conforms to Level S8 (Physical Security) when fitted with door furniture and anti-drill cylinder.


    • All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level D8 (Durability) Australian Lock Standard (AS4145.2-2008).


    • All Selector® 3780 Series Cylinder Mortice Locks conform with Level C6 (168 hours) Australian Standard (AS4145.2-2008).


    • Requires standard Lockwood oval shaped brass cylinders and brass barrels. Lockwood cylinders include bump resistant five pin tumbler mechanism.
      Functions require the use of different cams and adaptors.


    mm to inches

    Millimeters to Inches table

    1mm     3⁄64inches21mm   53⁄64inches41mm   1 39⁄64inches
    2mm     5⁄64inches22mm   55⁄64inches42mm   1 21⁄32inches
    3mm     1⁄8inches23mm   29⁄32inches43mm   1 11⁄16inches
    4mm     5⁄32inches24mm   15⁄16inches44mm   1 47⁄64inches
    5mm     13⁄64inches25mm   63⁄64inches45mm   1 49⁄64inches
    6mm     15⁄64inches26mm   1 1⁄32inches46mm   1 13⁄16inches
    7mm     9⁄32inches27mm   1 1⁄16inches47mm   1 27⁄32inches
    8mm     5⁄16inches28mm   1 7⁄64inches48mm   1 57⁄64inches
    9mm     23⁄64inches29mm   1 9⁄64inches49mm   1 59⁄64inches
    10mm   25⁄64inches30mm   1 3⁄16inches50mm   1 31⁄32inches
    11mm   7⁄16inches31mm   1 7⁄32inches51mm   2 1⁄64inches
    12mm   15⁄32inches32mm   1 17⁄64inches52mm   2 3⁄64inches
    13mm   33⁄64inches33mm   1 19⁄64inches53mm   2 3⁄32inches
    14mm   35⁄64inches34mm   1 11⁄32inches54mm   2 1⁄8inches
    15mm   19⁄32inches35mm   1 3⁄8inches55mm   2 11⁄64inches
    16mm   5⁄8inches36mm   1 27⁄64inches56mm   2 13⁄64inches
    17mm   43⁄64inches37mm   1 29⁄64inches57mm   2 1⁄4inches
    18mm   45⁄64inches38mm   1 1⁄2inches58mm   2 9⁄32inches
    19mm   3⁄4inches39mm   1 17⁄32inches59mm   2 21⁄64inches
    20mm   25⁄32inches40mm   1 37⁄64inches60mm   2 23⁄64inches